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How I work


I am a humanistic counsellor with an integrative approach using Gestalt, Transactional Analysis and Person-Centred theories to inform my practice and best suit my clients’ needs.  Now my work is more with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) where the focus is on a person's early childhood experiences, which can influence their day-to-day life as an adult and how they feel they fit into society both socially and emotionally.  Physical ailments can also be linked to early adverse experiences.  I use EMDR therapy to help clients unlock and reprocess traumatic memories by using the Adaptive Information Processing model (AIP).  This should enable the client to heal from emotional/physical trauma from early disturbing experiences in life or from other traumatic experiences such as accidents, war, devastation through natural causes such as earthquakes, fires etc.


I offer a safe and confidential place for self-exploration of existential dilemmas such as personal problems, emotional or relationship difficulties either using conventional talking therapy or, where appropriate, EMDR therapy.  


I believe that self-awareness is key to understanding oneself and I work with this in mind.  The relationship between therapist and client is also shown to be of key importance, and I believe an honest, open and trusting relationship between myself and the client along with a shared understanding of the best approach will enable the development of self-awareness through our work together.


Focusing on what is particularly important to you:

You may initially have one particular issue you want to work on.  However, this may change as you progress and you may find other issues you would like to explore.  I will follow your lead and work at a pace and level to suit you, taking time to allow you to explore your thoughts and feelings,  your hopes and fears to help you to develop greater personal awareness.


Without explaining or offering solutions I will offer my comments and be open to exploring your issues with you with the aim of helping you become aware of your own experience.


I offer weekly 50-minute sessions which are face-to-face in my counselling room.  This work can be long-term, short-term or time-limited.


Why not come along for a trial 20-minute session and see for yourself.  There is no commitment at this stage; it is just a 'taster' to see if counselling is right for you and if we might be right for working together.

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