I am a humanistic counsellor providing a professional space in both Godalming and Guildford in Surrey, where your concerns can be explored safely and confidentially, allowing you to reflect on the issues that are troubling you.  I believe that everyone is potentially able to solve their problems; however, sometimes they seem overwhelming and people need some assistance.  My task as a therapist is to assist you in focusing on your issues so you can see your situation more clearly.  I also offer EMDR trauma therapy - see more detailed information under 'What is Counselling?' and 'How I work'.

What can you expect?



  • A safe, confidential place to talk

  • An opportunity to open up in a place free from judgement with a trained professional

  • Possibilities to see things from a different perspective

  • Moving at a pace to suit you

  • I work with adults of all ages   

  • Long-term face-to face work, short-term face-to face work

  • EMDR therapy



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What my clients say

"Thank you for your kindness and compassion during these counselling sessions.  Your warmth and calming spirit made it easier for me to open up and release what I kept deep inside.


I believe I am entering a new season in my life because of what happened here at the counselling sessions"    C


"You have helped and supported me every inch of the way.  Because of what you have given me I look forward in hope". S


"You listened to me and helped me manage things that I would not have done without thinking about it" Mark

What therapy might be able to help with


Enabling you to live a more satisfying life through self-discovery

Learning to become more resourceful


Understanding that some things in life cannot be changed but through counselling they may be faced and understood